Friday, January 11, 2013

Nice day

Ok, whatever you are doing....keep doing it! It was the first quiet day in what seems like forever ♥ Thank you for your prayers & positive lovies! We definitely needed a quiet day. The physical therapy people came by to give me some pointers. His tidal volumes(size of breaths on the ventilator) are up a smidge. Baby steps! The hard part is this is a puzzle with many pieces and some pieces are looking like they may fit, others we haven't figured out yet. It is trending the right way a little, so I will be happy. It is nice to have the new circuit now that things are settling in. We were able to wean on the meds more & he is still comfortable. He still needs me to hold his hand for pretty much all day, but I am happy to. It cuts back on my updates, but I'm sure you understand ♥ It's so hard not to be able to hold him but at least I can hold his hand & kiss his little head. I ask him all day long if he is happy or comfortable & he nods yes. That is what my mommy heart needs to know & I feel better. Thank you again for the prayers! It's working, every prayer counts ♥

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