Wednesday, January 23, 2013

We told the twins

We told the twins last night. They cried really hard. As expected. We talked about heaven, and how some toys when broken can't be fixed and that Cammy's body was broken and it couldn't be fixed. The doctors tried really, really hard but it just couldn't be fixed. That made it his turn to go to heaven. We all get a turn to go, we just have to wait for our own turn. God gets to decide when that is. Cammy is really happy there because he doesn't have to take anymore yucky medicine, or tubies or have to go to the sick blood hospital anymore. He gets to grow his hair back too. He got a brand new perfect body in heaven & he can run & play with his Great Grandparents & Grandpa Bill and Morgan(our dog) Laney & freckles(Our kitties). He can give Jesus a big hug for us and watch over us too. Cameron can jump in the best puddles & fly kites all day. In the big picture, it won't be long and it will be our turn too & we can all be together again. I think that was just about the most simple way to get the point across. They seemed to understand. We talked about the funeral. The funeral is the place where people say goodbye to Cameron & talk about how loved he is. There would be lots of people talking about Cammy, telling happy stories and it's ok to cry & ask questions any time. People cry at funerals because they miss Cammy too. There would be a bunch of pictures of Cameron there too. There will be white box with flowers on it, Cameron's spirit is in heaven but his earthly body, that he doesn't need anymore, will be put away in a special place to rest. That is what they know. We have some kids books on explaining it, but they didn't seem interested. For four years old, I really think they really understood. That was the hardest conversation we have ever had. My therapy session went pretty well yesterday, now I am going back to bed to cry. Maybe tomorrow will be easier, hopefully I will get back to work next week. Start back to living again. There are no words for how much this hurts. Thank you for all of your prayers, love and support.

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