Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hard day

I am really ready for this day to be over.  That was a hard day.  The change out went pretty smoothly(Super scary but smooth) but the afterward part is hard.  Now that there is all new tubing the circuit needs to soak up all of the meds again.  All of his pain medicine & anxiety meds had to be given tons of to keep up with the absorption of the new tubing in the fresh circuit.  Also his iv fizzled and he needed a new one.  It was hard to watch that. The canulas slurped up the pic-line iv & needed to be re adjusted again.  Oh, and his tummy tube needed to be re-adjusted several times too.  Now that the day is over, everything is where it should be and the medicines are working.  Rough day all around.  My nurse Kathleen got me through, she was super sweet. Oh, and the doctors probably won't do another bronchoscopy for a while since he can cough on his own. I may skip rounds again, I didn't miss anything last night either.  I don't need the recap of today, I lived it  :)  Prayers for a peaceful night please  <3

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