Wednesday, January 2, 2013

lots of differnt kinds of doctors today

The heart/ECMO/canula doctors were here gathering information. We don't have the final word yet. He is stable at low oxygen saturations. He tends to get exciting right around shift change at 7pm so I am enjoying the quiet. The child psychologist came by to give pointers on how I can help Cameron cope with all of the craziness. I got some really great advice. I am very excited about the great tips. We are going to make a poster-board with pictures of his favorite things that he may want. That way he can point out what he needs. We may get some kind of bell for his hands so he can alert us when he is awake. He had a nice sleepy day. Hopefully tonight will be quiet. Thank you for all of you positive thoughts, prayers, positive energy & white healing light. We will take it all, whatever it takes to get him better. Thank you sooooo much ♥ ♥

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