Monday, January 14, 2013

Wacky day!

Ugh! I think this computer may have a virus. Bummer! The cardiac surgeons re-sutured his canulas to secure them so he can get better flow. His heart rate was up all day & so was his respiratory rate too. He was making all of the nurses & doctors scratch their heads. That is Cameron. He is getting a reputation for dancing to his own music & rules are for other people. He just now started normalizing after a whole day of wonky. We are having his 1 month anniversary of being on ECMO today. The rumor is we have about 1 more month to go on this ride. Then we get to see what the plan is. Every day is one day closer to going home. One of the mom's I met upstairs with the cancer kids, is down here with us in the PICU and her son is SUPER sick with lung issues & ECMO is not an option for him. His mom is super sweet & pretty worried, he could use some prayers too. I told her I would ask you. His name is Alec & he is 18 with a big fight of his own. Thank you sooo much. Thank you for the prayers ♥

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