Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A new phase

We have entered a whole new phase in all of this now. Now that he is on the regular ventilator they want him to breathe more. For him to do this, they slowly tried to stop the medicine that keeps him still & give him more relaxing medicine. The more he moves around and wiggles slightly, the more it gets the gookies in his chest moving and they can help him take those out. They use a super tiny
little suction that takes just a second to use, it helps clear some of it out. It is all part of his intubation tube, it's built into it. Very tricky. He barely notices it when they do it, but his saturations go up when they do it. It is their version of a cough. They don't want him to cough on his own just yet, since it is all still healing. They want to get him to a place where he is just mellow but can wiggle a little & respond to questions, but not absolutely still. We get to find that balance today. They say some kids are actually up and around on these ventilators, some even walk!! Hopefully, that is not in our treatment plan, but I thought it was interesting. I am very happy to have new hurdles. Progress is good. Thank you again for all of the prayers!! ♥

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