Monday, December 10, 2012


It is a nice peaceful night. They are boosting him up with oxygen saturations for the switch over today. It will not be as big of a deal (to mom)as the bagging or the tube change out. He has shown he tolerates those nicely. They program the regular ventilator then a quick switch-a-roo. They barely miss a beat or breath. It's impressive how smooth they are. The nurse just told me he will be
transitioned first thing this morning. Sorry I am late to post, no news is good news! Things were so uneventful, I fell asleep and zonked out hard. The nurses were happy. They are really great. It is a really good feeling to be a little more adjusted & able to let my guard down for a minute. We only get one shot a this PICU experience, I want to do it right & the best I can. There are no re-do's in this. I am happy to report I heard the phrase "he's turning the corner" today & that is a really good thing!!! There are a few more corners to turn, but I will take it! Thank you for the prayers & positive thoughts!!! ♥

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