Saturday, December 29, 2012

Love easy

Easy rounds tonight ♥ nothing exciting to report. There are some numbers that are going in a good direction but we won't know what it means, if it's Cameron doing it or the machines. My vote is with Cameron ♥ Cameron is sleeping really well & getting lots of rest. He is so tolerant, when it's time to turn him he nods his head to tell us when he is comfortable. There were just a few ripples today adjusting to the ventilator. The ultrasound on his leg came back great, no blood clot when they removed his iv. Whew! That is a win!!! I think I shocked his doctor tonight when I told him about "Cameron Merrill's Big Fight" and all of you praying for him. Thank you sooooo much for all of the prayers love & support! Prayers for a peaceful night and a happy morning x-ray ♥ Thank you for your prayers ♥

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