Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Oh, he is keeping things busy around here. They turned him on his tummy(doing fine so far with bleeding) to give his back a rest and he is being wonky with his saturation's of oxygen. The normal oxygen saturation for regular days is 99 or 100% his is running in the low 90's so it is acceptable, just not marvelous. It is not at the freak out level yet. They said some cardiac kids walk around with
it in the 70's. He also has a fever too. His little body is fighting!!! I was excited to have the super sweet nurses ask us if we would like them to be our primary nurses!! You get a primary day & night. They said it is good to have consistency so they can get to know him & his issues. I have a feeling they are going to be family :) I pestered one of the doctors enough to get a ball park estimate of when we may get to depart...probably a month we will be here in the PICU (just an estimate) I know they don't want to get hopes up since everything is so variable. Thank you Jen, Grandma & Grandpa Merrill for the treats! Ok, prayers that his saturation's level off & get steady instead of wonky! If it keeps doing this, it will get in the way of his weaning from the ventilator. Thanks oodles!! ♥

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