Friday, December 7, 2012

Lower settings!!

Slow & steady wins the race! He is tolerating doing super slow weans from the high pressure ventilator tonight. Each day is one day closer to going home. He has had some fevers today, but it is to be expected. Right now he is at the lowest setting on the ventilator yet!!! He is at 23 pressure and he started at 31 pressure. To be eligible for the next easier ventilator he has to be low 20's or
high teens....getting there!! There are 20 beds here in the PICU and 18 are full. The nurses said they will wake me for the rounds. Tonight there is a student in here too, so it is a little tricky sleeping soundly with 2 (new to us) nurses in the room at all times, but they seem really great. Pretty soon they will all be familiar faces. The nurses rarely leave the room, if they do they are at a desk directly in front of our door. He is getting intense, excellent care for sure!!! The high pressure ventilator sounds exactly like a traditional washing machine on spin cycle, all of the time. Prayers for happy saturations & great mini-blood tests ♥ Thank you sooooo much ♥

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