Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cautiously optimistic!!

A nice quiet night & morning. They were able to lower some settings. The tummy bleed seems better/stopping, they are stopping his steroids completely now. Tests are coming back slowly with nothing exciting one way or the other on them. I was listening to the "mob" of doctors doing their rounds this morning and I remembered them previously talking about, not to watch the numbers but the trends, t
he trend with the doctors is that they seem to be overall happier each day. They discuss the "doom & gloom" (what if's), but they have some really promising things to say too. They are trending towards the good stuff, but is all tentative. I heard the phrase "Cautiously optimistic" .....I will take it!!!! No big plan today, just tweeking medicines & slowly lowering ventilator settings. I am so ready for boring, bring it on :) The prayers are working!!! ♥

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