Saturday, December 1, 2012

A nice night

We had our first uneventful night!!!! What ever you guys are doing to send prayers, healing thoughts & love is working!!! They were able to turn down some more of the settings on the high pressure ventilator called (Peep), the goal is to move him to a regular ventilator that allows him to breath along with it, but still heavily sedated. The one they use now, they have to stop the urge to breath
h completely using paralyzing & sedating meds. He is such a little fighter, he want to keep breathing through this machine too. He got some really good rest, the monitors showed he was very happy & comfortable. He has pneumonia from the low ANC# & cold/flu season and maybe swallowing issues. It is a combination of things all at the same time, at just the wrong timing to set us up for this. His lungs became very fluid filled and he couldn't cough it out anymore so they became closed off. It came on super fast, he went from having a little cough, to a more deep cough occasionally but still sounded clear & able to move air when he breathed to closed off sounding. They did the bronchioscope procedure to see what was going on & it showed how quickly his lungs filled up with inflammation. When his white blood cells (fights infection)started coming back from the chemo they went straight to his lungs to fight the cootie, but is was overwhelming to his lungs to have that much instant inflammation to fight the cooties in them. They filled up with gook & inflammation and made it hard for his body to get enough oxygen & to remove the carbon dioxide. These ventilators open up the surfaces inside his lungs and allow the body to heal & remove all of the irritation and air exchange. Now we just wait & heal, hopefully each day weaning the med & ventilators.

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