Monday, December 31, 2012

Nice day

All is well here. The x-ray turned out boring, I like it! It sure is nice to have dad here. He is a big help. I was impressed he posted on here :) Cameron moved his legs today & wiggled his feet. He even watched some Go Diego Go movies ♥ He was a really good sport all day with his numbers once we found the happy balance. I heard the phrase again "Maintenance phase of ECMO" our nurses tonight are really great too. The ECMO nurse Eileen is super sweet & Shannon is fun too. Cameron is doing really well getting the gookies out. Overall, it was a good day today. Cameron is getting a little stronger by the day with his movements. Not moving for such a long time really takes it's toll on his muscles. I love to see him get stronger ♥ Thank you for the prayers!! It's working ♥

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