Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lower settings

They lowered the settings on the machines again. Now, we wait to see the x-ray in the morning. This will let us see if he is tolerating the lower settings. Very exciting, tomorrow they do a "Drug Holiday" this means they lighten up the medicine that keeps him still to see what his brain is doing. It will also let us see if he can tolerate being mellow & sleepy instead of kept still by medicines. If he is still all of the time, his muscles will get super squishy so they need him to twitch & wiggle a tiny bit. He will still have plenty of "forgetting" medicine so he won't remember any awake-ish times. The good news is that means we may get to talk to him & he can respond! It is important to keep him comfy but the less medicines in his system the better. If he wakes up too much...back to happy-land he goes. They will start to do these "Drug Holiday" tests once a day now. They didn't say a time, just sometime tomorrow. I am excited & nervous at the same time ♥ Thank you for the prayers!! ♥

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