Monday, December 10, 2012

I love "up" days!

What a wonderful day! He is still very medicated but he opens his eyes every so often & moves his arms a little. I showed him his cards & pictures and he nodded yes, that it makes him happy. Under all of that medication, he is happy in there!! His numbers are still high on this new machine, but they lowered one or 2 of them a teeny, tiny bit. I am happy to have to learn all about this new ventilator.
 It is still going to be a while that we are here. We are definitely on the right track! His mini-blood tests are coming back better than ever. I know there will be up & down days....but I am LOVING this up day. We still have a long road but this is a BIG glimmer of hope!! The doctors remind me to still be cautiously optimistic. I have never seen them so happy! Thank you soooo much! I can't express how grateful we are to you for all of your love, prayers & support!! ♥

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