Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Nice day!!

We are still waiting for the "Mob" of doctors to do their rounds. It has been a very busy day here, not in our room but in the PICU. One of my cancer kids got to go back upstairs but another came down here. This is not where we want to see familiar faces. We are happy to report we had at least 4 maybe 5 mini blood tests that have shown happy lung information. He is keeping up removing his car
bon dioxide and keeping the Ph of his blood in a happy place!!! Very good news since those levels before made us eligable for the ECMO machine. It is one big step away from that machine!! Yayyyy! I will take it!! His saturation's are doing well too. He is mid to low 90's, 100 is the goal. Baby steps! Our nurse tonight is 10 weeks pregnant with twins. Our twins are having a great week with "Dress up" week at preschool. Dad said we had 2 super hero's this morning. Mrs. Serna & the teachers are doing a great job with them keeping them happy. Whew! We are waiting to hear if he will sleep on his tummy tonight. The bleeding has stopped. Nexium is wonderful. The idea to "prone" (sleep on his tummy) him for 11 hours, shifting every 2hrs. The idea is to get the gookies inside his lungs moving. Prayers for high saturation's and quiet night ♥ Thank you!!

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