Tuesday, December 18, 2012

He is still with us!!

  1. He is still with us. He seems to be holding on. He is strong. There is a nurse who's only job is to watch the ECMO machine. That poor lady, because she is now my captive audience for my millions of questions. The machine can regulate his temperature, so no more fevers. It regulates his mini-blood tests & his saturations. It can't help his heart rate or blood pressure, they are normally fine
    during all of this anyway. All of his other organs are doing great, stellar, is what the doctor said. It's just his lungs that are really sick & this will let them rest & heal. His low to no immune system as part of the chemo from the fight with Leukemia, left him susceptible to any virus or germ in the community. He has been fighting it all but the pneumonia came on fast. So, with the ECMO, there is just a big risk for infections since he has the openings where the main tubes of blood have to go back into his body. His immune system is better but not great, it's immature, since he just recently got it back from finishing all of his hard leukemia treatment & moving into the maintenance phase. This machine is like mechanical lungs washing the blood of carbon dioxide & oxygenating it. They said he can be on it for a few weeks to a month, but with big risks. There is a chance he could be fine too. They also have to thin his blood with heparin so he is at big risk for bleeding or blood clots. They will ultrasound his head every other day to check for strokes. It is just a risk for this machine. The other option was to not do this machine and he had 24hrs the doctor said. The words a parent never wants to hear. We won't give up, never ever(NEGU). That is not an option. We want to do what is best for him & right now, this is what we as a team with the doctors, think is best. So here we are, watching waiting & praying. Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH for the prayers!!! They worked, every prayer counts!! Loves & hugs to you all ♥

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  1. Hi Shelley,
    My name is Crystal and I am from Kentucky. My daughter is a leukemia survivor. I received this link from the Blanket Fairy and I just wanted you all to know that we are praying. I posted Cameron's information on my facebook wall and my church's facebook wall. We are all here for you all and we wont stop praying. I pray that everything there is going good, Cameron is still fighting hard, and he's healing.

    Love and Prayers to all of you!