Thursday, December 20, 2012

He is still here

The doctors just did rounds & the said things were unchanged from overnight. Overall, kidneys & liver are still happy with all of the medicines and interventions. That is good to hear they are keeping up. His x-ray looked a teeny-tiny bit better....I will take it as good news. Every time they lighten up his sleepy/hold still medicines on the "Drug Holiday" he responds appropriately. He is still very weak, but may be a little better in that department too. I am pretty sure the doctors are spending a lot of time obsessing about him too. I love it when they say these numbers just aren't matching up, because it leaves a tiny bit more room for hope. They have said there are a lot of questions, just not a lot of answers just yet. Time will tell. Hey, whatever you are doing prayers, white light, positive thoughts/ju ju it is working.....I just can't thank you enough!! ♥ Keep it up please & a big hug to you ♥

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