Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy mom

So far, he is doing really well tolerating everything. We will see in the morning x-ray if he is tolerating completely. We had a long talk about all of the fun things to look forward too. He & I talked about his birthday party in September when he turns 3 and all of the fun things we will do at it. Maybe we will have 5000 of his closest friends come!! I walked by his crib when I thought he was sleeping only to see him squinting his eyes. I asked him "Are you smiling at me...he nodded yes!!" Awww that made my mommy heart melt into a puddle. He is still little silly, happy Cameron in there under all of that tape & tubes. It makes him happy to listen to his Diego movie. I have a feeling I am going to be hearing a lot of Diego in my future. I am not sure what the future brings with him, but I can love him today, and that's the BEST!! Thank you for all of the prayers, every prayer counts & it's working!!! ♥

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