Wednesday, December 19, 2012

not sure what it all means

The preliminary review of the ultrasound of the clot in his carotid artery shows it is not there anymore...did it dissolve or break off, that is the big question. Dissolve is good, break off is bad. We are waiting for the final radiology word. His numbers are stable. They are not adding to the machine as much now. He was tinkling sooo fast they could hardly keep up with it by putting it back in the machine. His fluid volume dropped and he couldn't keep his saturation numbers up. Everything now has leveled off & he is fairly stable. The big question is where is the clot? Is he septic? We are not sure what this all means, the answers will come I guess. The drug holiday is apparently different on ECMO than what I understood originally. The way it works here is they turn off the meds & at the first attempt to breathe they turn the meds back on. I guess the diaphragm muscles are the first to wake up. I can still whisper to him how much we ALL love him & are praying for him ♥ Thank you for the prayers!! ♥

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