Sunday, December 23, 2012

Doing good

He's doing good. The rounds with the mob of doctors was pretty uneventful. Hopefully, we are sliding into a comfortable routine. The doctor said today, they would every so often do a little test on his lungs. They do this to check on his lungs to see if they are any more compliant. To do this test, they manually use a special bag that looks like a teal colored balloon(kind of) it hooks up to his intubation tube. Then, they squeeze the bag & manually breathe for him. They go by feel to see if the lungs are more "stretchy" and watch the numbers as they do it to see if he tolerates it. When his lungs are "stretchy" enough & compliant they may switch him to a regular ventilator again, but on rest settings. They didn't say what time they would do it, just sometime today. Prayers please so the bag breathing test goes well & for a quiet day ♥ Thank you!

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