Friday, December 21, 2012

Nice & quiet

He is still holding steady. I am happy to report. Please pray for another night of peace & healing. I am learning so much here. I have met some really great, strong people here. Seriously, one mom I met is the most upbeat and sweet person & she has a "Mama Bear" in her too. I instantly love her ♥ There are so many inspirational people I have met in my Doernbecher experience here with strength that makes me look whimpy. I try to soak it up :) I am thankful to have met so many great people to learn from & guide us through this. I am amazed at the amount & love from people we don't know, but are now part of our family & this crazy adventure. Thank you so much for all of the prayers, love & support ♥ Big giant hugs to you ♥

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