Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Steady day

He is having a steady day today. The doctors had to get a little more creative on the medicines that keep him sleepy & relaxed. He wants to play! They found the magic mix, but he just has to keep them guessing. They are not going to push him too much on lowering the settings on the ventilator today. He is having a rest day. They are happy he is getting more gookies out of his lungs. They are
going to give him more medicine, right into his ventilator, to help break it up & move it out, it is called a mucolytic. Now that he is more stable on the ventilator they can look more into his mystery fevers. He really likes his Christmas lights & decorations, posters & cards. I hung up the chain of happy thoughts from the Parkrose students. He likes it :) He was doing a good job communicating what he needed to be comfortable this morning. When he is awake he nods yes or no. He is so tough!! He knows you are praying for him! Thank you so much! ♥

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