Friday, December 21, 2012

Doing ok

The doctors said "We are happy with where he is at, as long as he doesn't backslide, we are happy". I was asking questions to the ECMO nurse(there is always 1 nurse dedicated to Cameron & 1 to the ECMO machine) She mentioned that some kidos kidneys want to stop working on these machines. They are VERY happy Cameron's is tolerating it really well. He is not one of those kids. She also said they can always add a filter to the machine & turn it into a kidney & lung machine. It would be very similar to dialysis. I was told, he is stable on ECMO which is an unstable process all by itself, but any kind of stable is good to me. They said he is getting stronger & tolerating turns & care much better. They have to turn him every 2 hours, which is tricky since he is on tons of heparin, that medicine thins his blood so he doesn't clot the machine. This can also cause major bleeding issues too. It is all about balancing his need for heparin & keeping him from having a big issue with it. Seeing how all of this donated blood is used, makes me want to donate blood a TON more. Ok, so prayers for slow & steady today. Thank you for all of the prayers & positive thoughts ♥

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