Sunday, December 9, 2012

Doing good!

He is slow & steady!!! His common cold & C-diff tests to see if he still has them, came back that he beat them!! Negative test results are a good thing here!! Ok, he is chipping away at the cooties! Now he can use all of that energy to make his lungs better! They said that lungs are very slow to heal, so we will watch his progress by weeks instead of days. So far he is in MUCH better shape than
he was a week ago :) he is still working his way down on the settings, they bumped them up temporarily after the bagging yesterday. He is tolerating the weaning so far today. Mom & Auntie T brought some decorations & treats yesterday. They look great! Thank you, the nurses loved their chips! Laura stopped by today with a HUGE basket of treats, decorations, posters & letters from the Parkrose middle school! Thank you Laura, Parkrose students & Kent for everything. Thank you Sophie & Annette for connecting us. I am overwhelmed and so thankful the love & support. You are wonderful!! Big hugs to all of you!!! The prayers & positive energy are working his saturations have never stayed this high, this steadily!! Yayyy! ♥

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