Sunday, December 16, 2012

He is hovering

His air leak is healing <3 Ok, so his lungs are having a tough time removing the carbon dioxide from his blood. As I understand it, he has reached his "peak" of badness and started to get a little better. Now he is just hovering at these higher levels.  His kidneys are the "Balancer" of the body.  His kidneys produce something called bicarbonate, it is supposed to balance the Ph acidity in his blood. The medicines to kill the cooties, also run through the kidneys. So, the kidneys have to work extra hard to balance his body & process his medicines. Right now, they are ok but the numbers in the kidney tests are slowly creeping up.  They are still ok, but creeping in the wrong direction. The numbers are creeping up because his lungs are still very sick from the cooties.  So, we need to pray for his lungs to have better carbon dioxide removal, pray for the lungs to heal so that they can exchange those gasses. That is the first part to him relieving some work from his kidneys so that they can stay working effectively.  That is your anatomy lesson for today :)  We are also treading water until the blast medicine kicks in, just 1 or 2 more days he needs to just hang in there, for it to start making a difference. Positive energy, prayers, Gods white light...whatever it takes, from whatever belief system, we will take it all!! I am the prayer beggar <3  He is teetering, maybe it can all help support him.  We need to buy him some time for things to start working. Thank you!!  <3

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