Saturday, December 22, 2012

Quick & easy

The rounds from the doctors tonight were quick & easy. I am a big fan of that. Let's keep that up. Every night they change his dressings where the canula's(big tubes) go into his neck. I hold my breath each time since he is on so much heparin to thin his blood so it doesn't clot in the ECMO lung bypass machine. He did well with the change. It is amazing the things that go on outside of our door to our little room. I don't need TV I can just lean out my door & watch a trauma show. It really looks just like it does on TV. There is a big turn over of patients here. There is always some stretcher or bed rolling by our room with something that is colorful. I try not to look but sometimes I can't help myself. I admire the people who can do this job & see this every day. It takes special kind of person. Thank you again for the prayers today!! They are working!!! ♥

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