Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bumpy day

He is doing well after a bumpy day, the best part is that he is better tonight than he was this morning!! Sorry if I am gross, but we are celebrating a big gookie day. It is the main goal to get it moving & the respiratory therapists are doing a wonderful job giving him breathing treatments & removing it. He went down 2 notches on his ventilator, so that was really good. The bumpy part of today
was when they thought his lung might have collapsed since they got a not happy mini-blood test. It turned out his lung was fine, just the tons of gookies causing the blood test to be wonky. A little diuretic & adjustments & he is fine now. It is all part of the roller coaster that each day brings. He is better now, than he was this morning & he was doing ok this morning. I am in constant amazement at the doctors & staff around here. Last night, there are 20 beds here and they were all full! That is a lot of sick kids. Cold & flu season is brutal. Thank you for the prayers!!! ♥

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