Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Settled down

Now that the "dust" has settled, they switched him over to a smaller ventilator. It is the same kind, just the lower power baby version. His pupils are still equal & reactive. That is a good sign. There are many pieces to the puzzle but at least that one fits. They can't/won't wake him up enough to ask him if he can move his arm ect. His lungs are majorly damaged they say and only time will tell what he will be able to do when he gets past this. Kids are resilient, is my hope for him. We are going to choose optimism sprinkled with denial because the alternative is..... So anyway, little bits of info are trickling in, they said for some reason due to sepsis or medicines, his major blood vessels dilated all over his body which dropped his overall fluid volume. They are leaning more towards sepsis, but he can't get a fever since they warm & cool his blood with the machine. So, they don't know for sure until the cultures come back in a few days. The hard part is that every bump can be a major disaster or a bump. You don't know until after the fact. Thank you sooo much for the prayers, love & support.

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