Wednesday, December 5, 2012


1,999 likes! Crazy!!! Thank you everyone ♥ He is being really good today, keeping steady & tolerating the wean. Saturation numbers staying steady. Steady is good. Baby steps! He had 2 mini tests come back good....the start of another good trend. I will take it!! Some of his super sweet buddies(nurses) came down for a peek & to check in. My nurse today is a scuba diver just like our crew so i
t has been nice to talk about something other than possible outcomes for a minute. People ask is there anything I can answer is tell everyone you see to pray or send energy or whatever....tell the lady/man at the grocery store, the bank just recruit as many positive energy, prayers ect. our way. That is a proven help & I think it's working here too. Your way to help is to recruit more good energy for us :) spread the word!! Thank you, just so you don't worry, no news is good news. If it gets dicey I will post a super short message like I did before. No dicey's though!!!! Positive energy's & prayers!!! ♥

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