Sunday, December 23, 2012

Baby steps!

They just did the manual bag breathing test the doctors words were "It's not terrible, it is not as bad as the other doctor had described them" and then he turned down some settings(in a good way) I will count that as a win! Now, we watch the numbers to make sure he tolerates these lower settings. So far, so good. With the lungs & their healing, there won't be anything drastic day to day, but in a few weeks we should be in a much better place & re-evaluting ECMO stuff. They always tell me this is going to be a long road, no specifics. More answers & better guesses to when we go home will come with time. Right now, the "Ballpark" guess & only a guess is February/March-ish between ECMO & therapy afterwards. When he gets done with the ECMO he will be basically like a newborn again, since he hasn't used his muscles in such a long time. There will be lots of physical therapy. They say kids are really resilient & bounce back well. He is very tough & feisty too. It really is a good thing. So much can change from day to day it's really hard to do a ballpark guess. Thank you for the prayers! Every prayer counts ♥

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