Sunday, December 16, 2012

Treading water

We just treaded water today, minor ups & downs.  From day start to day finish I think it's a break even day.  We just need to hold steady a little while longer.  At the finish of every day we are one day closer to going home.  He had a new blood gas line placed, it's like an Iv, but more involved.  He did well, and he got some blood too. He has good nutrition, good medicines & good rest.  He has everything he needs to kick this.  He just needs strength & prayers.  Dad is coming tomorrow for a couple of days so the twins are having a big adventure at Dixie & Blane's house! Thank you! Tomorrow is our 6 year wedding anniversary. Wow, that went fast.  Hopefully he will get some good rest tonight & continue to hold steady.  The doctors say that if he can just hold steady, they will consider it a win & that is what he is doing  <3 Thank you for the prayers  <3

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