Monday, December 10, 2012

One more machine gone!

The high pressure ventilator rolled out of the room tonight!!! Such a great feeling to see it go. He is doing really well on the regular ventilator. They say people can be on the regular ventilator for more extended periods. All of the night shift nurses are happy to hear the good news about the switch too! There is a rumor that if he stays doing really well I may get to hold him and even rock him
 with in the next few days. I would be super nervous, but absolutely thrilled. It all depends on whatever is best for him. With all of this good news today it feels like Christmas came early! Thank you Bath & Body Works for honoring us as your Christmas family!! My niece Kayleen works there, and they have been following the big fight! Thank you Heather, Clive & the gang for the Christmas lights! Our room is the only one seriously decorated with lights, little tree ect. I asked Cameron if he like the lights & he nodded yes! That is all I need. He really is, happy Cameron under all of that medicine. Thank you!!! ♥ Every prayer counts! ♥ Happy Saturations & good mini-blood tests!

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